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Activities at St. Bernards is an important part of the home and wellbeing of the residents.


Activities at St. Bernards is an important part of the home and wellbeing of the residents. It is important to be mentally stimulated, and have a connection to any past times and hobbies you may have.

A varied programme of activities is prepared and designed to provide entertainment, exercise and stimulation. Regular exercise classes, music afternoons, quizzes and craft classes are all part of the programme. ‘Engage’ sessions have been adopted in the home, where every member of staff from all departments spend time on a meaningful activity with a resident.

Church visits can be arranged on request as can delivery of newspapers and magazines.

Our mini bus goes out once a week to local attractions such as cafes, garden centres, pubs and restaurants

Life at St. Bernards means, residents are still able to do all the things they loved to once do, pick up new hobbies, meet new friends and most importantly feel at home.

With strong links with the community and regular volunteers, it is not surprising that our events are always a big hit with the local neighbourhood. We have held summer fetes, garden parties and fundraising events for charities such as The Alzheimer’s Society.

“For both physical and mental health, it is of prime importance to maintain activity and to foster the older people’s self-respect by making sure that they still have a definite role to play. There is nothing more destructive to the psyche than the feeling of being thrust aside and of no use to anyone. Older people should, therefore, be encouraged, as soon as they arrive, to take part in active pursuits both inside and outside the home”

By Mrs. Beeton’s Cookery Book and Household Guide



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