Music at St.Bernards

August 2021

Music brings hope, joy, friends, families and communities together. This past year we revel in the little things, moving forward with life and uniting back together through music.

St. Bernards Residential Care are very lucky to be surrounded by so many talented people. From residents to staff and family. Where we can we are trying to reintroduce live performances back into our home. We would like to thank all those who have contributed throughout the year, and those who will continue to do so!

Gemma and her Grandfather


We have had live performances from those such as;

Gemma and her Grandfather, one of our very own residents great-granddaughters. They really did brighten up a rainy day on our terrace!


Live terrace performance

Once again, live terrace performances from our very own care seniors husband, Evan. Who delighted our residents with some country songs.



Sing and Dance Along . . .

And of course a sing and dance along with our residents and staff with their favourite music!



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