Tenders Years Nursery

Spring 2023

Here at St Bernards, keeping up with all the latest news and events that happen throughout the year is a massive part of our home, we want the St Bernards to be an exciting place for all our residents with lots to look forward too.

Tender Years Nursery

We have very much enjoyed the local nursery being able to enter the home again.

Tender Years Nursery have been in partnership with St Bernard’s for many now as part of a intergenerational project. We have weekly visits from the children and staff, where we play games, read stories, and do arts and crafts. We also meet them outdoors for picnics and play time when the weather is nice.

We believe it is so important to help build up new relationships, for the children to learn social skills and new things but most of all……..for everyone to have some fun!!

Watching their bond grow really is something special to see.

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