St. Bernards Minibus Trips

St. Bernard’s Minibus trips!

Staff and resident day out.

October 2021

Activities in the home have always been one of our main priorities and we love documenting it all not only for families and friends, but our digital care-plans. Throughout the year, one our residents favourite parts of the week are the minibus trips. We started our trips off with just simple drives round the local areas, to get out of the home and see the world. Due to our residents having to shield for long periods of time, they enjoyed the simple things and being able to watch the outside world.

Being outside was such a benefit


As time went on and restrictions eased, we have a wonderful staff member Dean join us, where we can go and walk around a garden centre and enjoy of cup of tea with each other inside the café.



Health & Wellbeing is so important

This is a wonderful thing for not only our residents, but our staff. They love being able to spend some quality time outside the home, just like things used to be.



Independence again


The feeling of be able to walk round the shops and interact with people is so beneficial for the residents mental health and wellbeing, having the feeling of independence again is something they enjoy.


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